Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's been two long and interesting weeks, I feel that life at Beida (Beijing Daxue, Peking, or Beijing University) has been very comfortable and fun. Beida has two little supermarkets where you can find almost any daily needed items, two banks, many fruit stands, phone card booth, airplane ticket booth, and more. It's somewhat like a little city. I usually eat on campus with my language partner at a huge cafeteria called nongyuan. They have all sorts of food. My single room is very spacious with airconditioner; Beida has been known to pamper their foreign exchange students. =)

Here are some pictures to introduce you to the campus:We went on a campus tour on our first day. The campus is large, so I had to get used to a lot of walking, especially to the nearest subway station - Wudaokou (25 min speed walk). Its length is about twice as long as its width.
I think this is the west gate, xixiaomenr. Only pedestrians are allowed through this gate. nanmenr, dongxiaomenr, dongnanmenr are also pedestrians only. I think only nanxiaomenr, xijichemenr, and xijidongchemenr are for vehicles. There are seven gates in total. I am pretty used to the location of most places on campus. Nice story: I usually ask people where buildings are, but last Saturday, I gave directions to some tourists on campus. That was an exciting moment. =)
Very pretty building call beigonglou, which belonged to another college back then until it merged with Beijing University.
Nice sino-architecture...most buildings have this style.
Famous Boya Ta (Tower)
Weiming Hu (Lake)
Huabiao in front of Administration Building

My chinese class from 8am-12pm. We have two teachers: kouyu (spoken language) for two hours and then hanyu (writing and grammar) for two hours. We just took our midterm yesterday.
Me and some classmates.


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